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  • LIFE DIARY | Ella Era

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     Ella Era



       Ella era. She was. I was―
       I was once young, I can now say.  And while I miss the leisure and reckless passion of my youth, I do not yet miss my youth.  (I mean, I miss my metabolism but not my youngin' mindset, y'know what I am saying?)
       Turning thirty was very hard for me emotionally. I was scared of aging.  But as I turn thirty one, I feel both humility and excitement welcoming my...
  • LIFE DIARY | Saint Lucia Day

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      St. Lucia Day (Dec. 13th) opens the Nordic Christmas season. On this day, families select a girl to be their Lucia, dressed in white robes with a red sash and crowned in a candle-lit lingonberry wreath, to serve the family with lusekatts (saffron buns) and pastries.
      Lucia meaning light, St. Lucia Day is the winter solstice festival of lights across Sweden, Norway, and Finland, which begins with a procession led by the Lucia designee, followed by Tärnor (servant girls) dressed in all white and wearing wreaths on their...

  • STYLE DIARY | Mint Condition

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    There is something about mint-colored dresses that just reminds me of mermaids and beautiful creatures. With every wedding in town happening late this summer, I set myself on a mission to find an embellished mint dress to wear.  Then, out of sheer habit, I was doing my weekly "mint dress" search on Pinterest when the beauty that is the Teardrop Guipure Panelled Mini Dress hit my screen. I don't think I have ever double-clicked a Pinterest image faster. I wanted to know what this dress was and...
  • LOOKBOOK | The Well Wedding

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  • FASHION | Obsessed Alice McCall

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    Image: Free the PeopleImage: Alice McCall 2015Image: Free the People

    It all started with this aptly named 'At First Sight' playsuit in moss green.  And now, confession: I have a new label and designer obsession with Alice McCall.

    You know how my closet pretty much consists of playsuits, tunic dresses, stilettos, and thigh high boots? Well, a lot of Alice McCall's line really fits in right my fashion prototype. So many of her designs are pretty much everything I love about fashion on my body. 

    Here are my latest Alice McCall shopping craves:
  • FASHION | Little Black Luxe Gym Gear

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    Sure, there are days when all you want to wear to the gym are your comfy-est yoga pants and oversized t-shirt from sixth grade (y'know, like most days), but a girl should never have to sacrifice looking fabulous for a fabulous work out.  Whether you're hitting the gym for weight training, some fun fitness classes, or a few laps around the pool, here are a few fitness items that scream luxe and will leave you looking as amazing as your workout:

  • WELLNESS | The Hardest Lift

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    The Hardest Lift (Lifting your Butt off the Chair)

    We have all been there and we all know the feeling: We want to work out, we're motivated, we're ready...and yet we don't.  Why? Because taking action can be so overwhelming and hard! It's true what people say, when it comes to exercise the hardest lift is lifting your butt off the chair (or computer chair, in my case...or whatever other cozy and comfortable place you happen to be seated upon).  Here are five easy tips to overcome the hardest lift.

  • VIDEOS | BTM: 1v1 - Black Cat Creator Marv Wolfman

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    I am so pleased to share by One on One with Black Cat Creator Marv Wolfman with Beyond the Marquee: an uncut interview with Marvel writer and “Black Cat” creator, Marv Wolfman, American comic book writer and creator of characters such as the vampire-slayer “Blade”, “Bullseye” in the Daredevil comics, The New Teen Titans and more. (VIEW)

  • VIDEOS | Beyond the Marquee (Ep 50)

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    Check out Beyond the Marquee: the Web-Series (Episode 50), the infamous MARVEL vs. DC battle on location at Comic-Con 2013! Linz Stalney and I were the official Comic Con Correspondent and let the claws out. (VIEW)

  • NEWS | Divulge Magazine Feauture

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    I am proud to be featured on the July 2013 Issue of Divulge Magazine!

    Read my Interview, "A Day in the Life of a Cosplayer" (written by Erin Richards-Kunkel) and enjoy the stunning Superhero Photo/Art Spread "Save L.A." (a collaboration with Photographer Victoria Lara and Artist Patrick Ballesteros) featuring my DC's Supergirl cosplay. (VIEW)

    Issue available in newsstands July 2013. Digital copies available now at www.divulgemagazine.com!

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