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Sure, there are days when all you want to wear to the gym are your comfy-est yoga pants and oversized t-shirt from sixth grade (y'know, like most days), but a girl should never have to sacrifice looking fabulous for a fabulous work out.  Whether you're hitting the gym for weight training, some fun fitness classes, or a few laps around the pool, here are a few fitness items that scream luxe and will leave you looking as amazing as your workout:

1. Printed Wetsuit in Black Lace by Cynthia Rowley - $330.00
I don't know about you, but the idea of wearing anything too skin-bearing to the gym pool just doesn't sit right.  But while you won't catch me in a bikini or summer swimsuit, you will not catch me wearing any Hawaiian board shorts either.  My solution for gym pool laps and weightless pool-stretching is a lovely summer wetsuit.  My favorite is Cynthia Rowley's printed wetsuit in black lace (yes, it's a wetsuit!).  It just looks SO absolutely beautiful and feminine and it's hard to believe it is not meant for wearing to a nice party out.  The only downside? The price tag is seriously not for the faint of heart.


2. Zuma Canyon Tank by Ellie - $44.95 ($29.99 for FFC Members)

Ok, this gym tank is so, so very beautiful. Fashionable, chic, and (dare I say) hyper-feminine, but also completely functional with great coverage-- what more could I ask for? How about survivability on a hard workout: Covered. The tank features a built-in sports bra built for support during workouts and breathable, wick shield fabric.  AND, this is the sort of gym tank I could happily wear out by day and still look cute, when I plan to hit the gym much later at night. The top is just under $50 regularly, but if you sign up for their monthly outfit as an Ellie FFC member, this top is only $29.99. Out of all these items, I consider this tank the top must have.

3. Go-To Legging by Ellie - $54.95 ($39.99 for FFC Members)

Does anything visually spell out LUXE more than flat-filled diamond-quilted lamé accent panels? I am a HUGE fan of Ellie workout leggings because they are fun and cute and comfy, but these Go-To leggings take it to the next level.  They are downright elegant and beautiful.


4. Pleated Pocket Carry-all Gym Bag in Black Glitter by oGorgeous - $154.00

 Oh yeah, baby. Months ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of oGorgeous gym bags after Atlanta Activewear very generously gifted me the aqua-lined, Beverly Bow Tie Bag in French Rose (which is the most drop-dead beautiful, girl-muse-ballet-esque gym bag I have ever owned). This Pleated Pocket Carry-all in black glitter is the drop-dead beautiful, sleek and lady-like counterpart to that gym bag. It's stunning and study, and large enough to double as a carry-on for travel trips.

5. Water Bottle (9oz) Glitter Collection in Sparkling Champagne by S'well - $25.00

My most recent obsession is these water bottles from S'well that 1) do not condensate at all, 2) keep your drinks ice cold for 24 hours (or hot for 12 hours),  and 3) LOOK FREAKING AMAZING #OMGFANGIRLINGIDIELOL. No, but seriously, I bought the 9oz water bottle in the golden color "sparkling champagne" with the the intention of making it my everyday on-the-go water bottle, but fell so in love with that it now resides on my bedside nightstand as my daily water glass (basically so I can look at it every morning and drink from it first and last thing every day). The bottle cap has vacuum sealing to keep any drink fresh and the bottle is made from 13/8 double-walled stainless steel. A portion of the proceeds from purchases of these bottles are donated towards WaterAid. I know I have one, but still plan to get one as my everyday water bottle that I can take with me to the gym. Obsession much? Yes.

6. Shox Q'Vida Hi Air Max Athletic Dance Boots in Braun & Gold by Nike - $150.00

I am such a sucker for workout boots. Well, all boots in general, but especially when they're paired with the comfort of workout sneakers. Nike Air Max shoes for dance sports are perfect for keeping pace with a majority of gym classes, and the Shox Q'Vida Hi's ensure you look striking while you do your thing-- even if you, like me, might be uncoordinated and goofy and two steps behind. Your feet will thank you for the comfortable & lightweight design that lets you move freely, the two-column Nike Shox to cushion your quick-stepping, and the articulated arch support with an ArchTech plate for supportive moving and grooving.  The design of these Shox Q'Vida Hi's is really one of my favorites, with its ultra dark, rich brown color and golden accents. Like the other pieces, these shoes double as cute shoes just to be out and about.

7. Air Max 1 Premium iD by Nike - $150.00

Black with gold accents is one of my favorite color combinations. Although I am eternally in search of the perfect black Nike's to to use for running, I have never come across a pair that I really fell for...until I tried out Nike's iD customizing options.  All black, with just enough gold to keep it popping, this Air Max 1 is exactly what I want in a running show.  The Nike Max Air soles were designed to provide maximum impact protection during repetitive landings, making them ideal for running shoes both for treadmill and track.  Although it is still on my wishlist to get, I am already thinking of all the other color combinations I want/need.

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