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The Hardest Lift (Lifting your Butt off the Chair)

We have all been there and we all know the feeling: We want to work out, we're motivated, we're ready...and yet we don't.  Why? Because taking action can be so overwhelming and hard! It's true what people say, when it comes to exercise the hardest lift is lifting your butt off the chair (or computer chair, in my case...or whatever other cozy and comfortable place you happen to be seated upon).  Here are five easy tips to overcome the hardest lift.

1. Stand Up.

Ah, comfort.  The true obstacle here is comfort.  The solution to this obstacle is standing right up and taking a step away from that comfort zone. Remember, even with just one step you are away from your comfort zone.  It doesn't matter if you only take one step to the side of your chair or 500 steps away and into the gym, use this new-found space away from your territory of comfort to MOVE.

2.  Start small. Really small.

If you are having a hard time getting started, it may also be because you’re immobilized by an unrealistic and/or overwhelming goal.  For example, you may be thinking about doing intense, two-hour workouts 5 days a week while having a full week of work, school, etc... and you may notice yourself putting it off.  You're putting it off because you don't actually have time for that.  Instead, take small, tiny, baby steps towards your fitness goal.  Just do 2 minutes of exercise.  If you have more time, do 2 minutes of exercise sporadically throughout your days.  I know, that sounds wimpy, but it triggers action.  Try it.  Commit to 2 minutes of exercise every day for at least one week before reevaluating your time.  In two minutes you can try some crunches, pushups, or even jog in place, with the purpose of getting your mind and body committed to making time.  Once you have mastered committing 2 minutes to your fitness, feel free to increase it to 5 or however many you can realistically keep doing without feeling overwhelmed.

3.  Make a Music Playlist. And zone out to it.

Stop thinking about it and do it.  Create a playlist of music that makes you want to dance and put enough songs there to play through for as long as you want to exercise-- whether it's 2 minutes or 60 minutes.  Now, blast it, stop thinking, and MOVE.  And don't you dare stop moving until it's done.  Don't know any exercises?  Who cares, just jump and dance!  The point is to get moving.

4. Wear your Workout Clothes. Always.

So you probably can't get away wearing your workout clothes to your job  (but if you can, I am so jealous of you right now).  Even so, you can certainly change into them as your cozy clothes, casual clothes, and sleeping clothes.  Keep. them. on.  Having your workout clothes already on eliminates one of the biggest excuses your mind makes for not wanting to go work out.

5. Work out at home!

You don't need a gym or fancy equipment to get active.  In fact, you don't even need to go out and buy work out videos anymore.  One of my current favorite websites full of home workouts is Blogilates.  The site has an abundance of exercise videos, how-to's, and even features some delicious recipes.  For the more traditionally inclined, the site ExRx (Exercise Prescription) is the go to exercise tutorial site.  I consider this site a gem.  I routinely use this site to target muscle groups I don't really know how to work out, and am able to get a good workout out of it.

Now get up and go!

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