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It all started with this aptly named 'At First Sight' playsuit in moss green.  And now, confession: I have a new label and designer obsession with Alice McCall.

You know how my closet pretty much consists of playsuits, tunic dresses, stilettos, and thigh high boots? Well, a lot of Alice McCall's line really fits right in with my fashion prototype. So many of her designs are pretty much everything I love about fashion on my body. 

Here are my latest Alice McCall shopping craves:

1. Stolen Dance Playsuit

I feel like this particular playsuit channels Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. I certainly dig that.  I also really love the hot-pant length paired with long sleeves. And the texture of the fabric reminds me of an updated tiwst on Parisian tweeds.  Definitely would love to wear this day or night.

As petite as I am, I have serious doubts I would be able to pull off this look. (At least not without a whole lot of tailoring.) Even still, it is one of my favorites!  I can see this on a beautiful, willowy woman going out for tea, or heading in to work on "resort-casual" Friday.

Well hello, date in Vegas. I'm not certain this particular number would fly in my sunny part of Orange County, but I'd love to wear this in LA or Vegas.  The sheer fabric makes it sexy, but the fact that it's a freaken' pantsuit makes it wearable to places other than "the club."

Oh, you know, just another basic and amazing white playsuit to add to the list. Because you can never have too many.

 And lastly, this powder blue tunic-esque playsuit really caught my eye. The lace is particularly pretty, paired with the nude lining. Plus, the fit is loose and looks comfortable enough for lunch-time meeting. I could even wear this to work with some nude heels. Gotta have it. 

Bet you I find 10 more things I want by the end of the week. 




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