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There is something about mint-colored dresses that just reminds me of mermaids and beautiful creatures. With every wedding in town happening late this summer, I set myself on a mission to find an embellished mint dress to wear.  Then, out of sheer habit, I was doing my weekly "mint dress" search on Pinterest when the beauty that is the Teardrop Guipure Panelled Mini Dress hit my screen. I don't think I have ever double-clicked a Pinterest image faster. I wanted to know what this dress was and where I could get it immediately.
  The good news: It only took some reverse-image searching on google images to find out everything I needed to know about this dress. It is made by the UK-based brand Self-Portrait, which has now become one of my absolute favorite brands ever. The bad news, at the price of £270.00 (roughly $300+ish USD), it wasn't really something a girl on a budget could buy on an impulse. Even worse news, it was sold out nearly everywhere in my size. 
  It took me a few weeks to track it down. But when I did, you better believe I got it. And, I wore it to a wedding like 2 days after receiving my dress. Now I am looking for any occasion whatsoever to wear it again. It's just so beautiful.
  The dress features a mock turtleneck/Victorian collar, with a plunging deep-v neckline covered in lace. The lining is nude everywhere other than the bodice.  In fact, while wearing this to a wedding, one guest remarked that she loved my dress because it looked like it was "crocheted onto my naked body."  I'm not even sure if that was a diss or compliment, but I felt so pretty in this dress that I could only take it as a compliment.
  I ended up pairing it with nothing more than some comfortable, skin-tone matching pumps from none other than Target. And guess what, still felt beautiful and feminine and fairylike. 

  I'm hoping to add some new Self-Portrait lace dresses to my closet now. I am officially obsessed with this brand.  


By Leslie Crystal
Photography | Leslie Crystal
Featured | Self-Portrait

“I must be a mermaid...I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

― Anaïs Nin



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  • Wearing Size UK 4/US 0
  • Alteration: Hem taken up 1/2 Inch between the two lace layers
  • Extremely comfortable lace fabric





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