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  • LIFE DIARY | Ella Era

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     Ella Era



       Ella era. She was. I was―
       I was once young, I can now say.  And while I miss the leisure and reckless passion of my youth, I do not yet miss my youth.  (I mean, I miss my metabolism but not my youngin' mindset, y'know what I am saying?)
       Turning thirty was very hard for me emotionally. I was scared of aging.  But as I turn thirty one, I feel both humility and excitement welcoming my...
  • STYLE DIARY | Mint Condition

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    There is something about mint-colored dresses that just reminds me of mermaids and beautiful creatures. With every wedding in town happening late this summer, I set myself on a mission to find an embellished mint dress to wear.  Then, out of sheer habit, I was doing my weekly "mint dress" search on Pinterest when the beauty that is the Teardrop Guipure Panelled Mini Dress hit my screen. I don't think I have ever double-clicked a Pinterest image faster. I wanted to know what this dress was and...
  • FASHION | Obsessed Alice McCall

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    Image: Free the PeopleImage: Alice McCall 2015Image: Free the People

    It all started with this aptly named 'At First Sight' playsuit in moss green.  And now, confession: I have a new label and designer obsession with Alice McCall.

    You know how my closet pretty much consists of playsuits, tunic dresses, stilettos, and thigh high boots? Well, a lot of Alice McCall's line really fits in right my fashion prototype. So many of her designs are pretty much everything I love about fashion on my body. 

    Here are my latest Alice McCall shopping craves:
  • FASHION | Little Black Luxe Gym Gear

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    Sure, there are days when all you want to wear to the gym are your comfy-est yoga pants and oversized t-shirt from sixth grade (y'know, like most days), but a girl should never have to sacrifice looking fabulous for a fabulous work out.  Whether you're hitting the gym for weight training, some fun fitness classes, or a few laps around the pool, here are a few fitness items that scream luxe and will leave you looking as amazing as your workout:

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