Hello! I am Leslie Crystal (or properly, Leslie Crystal Sandoval Well): a dainty girl from Sunny California best described as an aesthete.  Art, beauty, and old world social customs consume me.  I am a proud cat lady, fashion lover, fitness freak, and a new homeowner.

Aesthetically, I live in perpetual girlhood, which I affectionately describe as dollhood. I view the world through rose-tinted lenses and every part of me feels like a teenage romance novel.  As a person, I am a closet intellectual, adamant perfectionist, and stale conversationalist. I am a four and an ISFP. I am perpetually fourteen in spirit and still believe I can be the change I wish to see in the world.

Welcome to the Beauty of my World.



All sizing, tailoring alterations, and modifications to clothing featured will be noted on fashion posts to reflect the true fit honestly.  For reference, my measurements are 34-23-34 and I am 5' 2".   



I am the proud cat mother of Luca (a 19 lbs. Lilac Lynx-Point Siamese boy) and Minka (a petite, 6 lb. blonde Abyssinian/Angora/Tabby girl). I adore them and they are very, very spoiled.  Any pet attire they may be dressed in or any toys that may be featured will be listed in the posts.



It is my intention that any food promoted in this blog be 100% vegan and that any make-up or clothing promoted is cruelty-free. While I do not label myself as vegan, I consider the practice of veganism in ideal regard and seek to live a more compassionate lifestyle. If any of the items promoted on this page are not vegan/cruelty-free (and are not disclaimed as such), I would appreciate your courtesy in informing me so that I may keep readers informed.



Soy orgullasamente Mexicana. Para ver cualquiera de mis publicaciones en Español, seleccionen "#Spanish" en el menú del blog. Mientras que intentaré hacer todas mis publicaciones en Inglés y Español, me toma algo de tiempo traducir. Gracias por su paciencia.

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